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About Fitbury Clothing

Made For Women By Women
our 2021 collection


 It celebrates every bold aspect of womanhood and encourages women to bloom in beautifully versatile fitness clothing! 

The #BloomingBoldly Collection features four unique hand-painted floral cluster patterns and one boldly black set. Each collection consists of a tight, sport bra, white branded boxy t-shirt, long-sleeve running shirt and a rain jacket. It captures the art of authenticity and unconventional creativity. It celebrates the real strength, passion, bravery, happiness, fierceness and power of each Fitbury female. 


represents the real bravery, compassion and happiness that radiates from every Fitbury woman. This one-of-a-kind floral pattern features complementary colours blue and yellow, but with an artistic twist! #BloomingInPeony lets you show your true creative colours in a set that shows off your bravery and compassion!



mirrors elegance, joy and self-confidence. Orchids are known for their exquisite beauty. You are meant to bloom with pride in your activewear while you enjoy the things that you love most. This set's vibrant and warm reds will keep you energized for any workout or hectic day. #BloomingInOrchid means adding some effortless elegance, joy and self-confidence to your everyday routine.



celebrates every woman's delicate power. Feminine strength should not be underestimated and this set symbolises both delicacy and a show of strength with its joyful purple and orange petals, paired with the striking green leaves in the pattern! You can be delicately powerful when #BloomingInHibiscus.



features our beautifully rugged national flower! The beautiful protea is fiercely courageous in the face of fire and blooms as beautifully as ever once the dust has settled. This set celebrates a woman's fierce courage to face life and flourish despite difficulty. Just like proteas, women come in diverse shapes and sizes but are all equally as beautiful! You can face any season of your life when you are #BloomingInProtea.



We are a blooming South African active and casual wear brand that combines fitness, fashion, functionality and unconventional creativity in unique and comfortable clothing made from the highest quality fabric. Our #BloomingBoldly Collection 2021 celebrates the real strength, passion, bravery, happiness, fierceness and power of each Fitbury female. Our fitness clothing is designed with blooming flower clusters, textures and bold colours fashionably fabulous for all shapes, sizes, colours and personalities – because you were born to bloom in every season of your life! 

We bring style and loads of fun to clothes you can wear every day. Whether you’re going to the gym, catching up with friends or running errands, you can be comfortable and feel like your unique self with Fitbury Clothing Co.  Our positive and professional team creates products that let you show off your personality confidently. Every stitch is sewn with love by South African seamstresses in a locally owned facility. We ensure that every item of clothing has creative flair and contributes to the local economy. Most importantly, Fitbury Clothing is made for you, with your lifestyle in mind!  

Founder & CEO


When Helé Ananté Wansbury, Fitbury’s founder and CEO, couldn’t find high-quality activewear that was comfortable, affordable and had loads of local personality, she set out to create it! As a woman who wears many hats, Helé understood the need for versatile activewear. Fitbury was born as the brainchild of a mom, designer and entrepreneur with a vision to create unique, creative and fashionable activewear.  

“Modern life has high demands, and you need activewear that can keep up with you! When I couldn’t find anything suitable to my taste and personality, I realised that there was a need for high-quality, locally-manufactured activewear that motivates you to bloom boldly.  

My vision was initially to create clothing I would love to wear, but soon I felt the urge to share this dream with the rest of the world. That’s why our collection includes something for every shape, size, colour and personality. We use high-quality material that supports and flatters every body type!  

We are also proud to bloom with the fact that our clothing is made for women by women. Our innovative body sculpting technology ensures that you feel confident about your every curve so every woman is #BloomingBoldly. 

Brighten up your everyday tasks with a splash of colour, creativity and the freedom to express yourself in your unique Fitbury Clothing.” – Helé

“Claim your power.  Change the world.”

The artist


Jana’s fauna and flora art started as a passion project during a sabbatical she took to explore the possibility of painting full time. Soon her floral art blossomed into a full-time business of creating art for local and international buyers. To her, flowers are God’s perfect decorations because everything she finds visually appealing is found in flowers, from their colour, their beauty and even the patterns in their petal arrangements.    

Jana is unapologetic about beautifying everything she creates. She draws inspiration from her family life with her husband and three children. As an artist, master colourist and mother, Jana seeks out the beauty in everything and is excited to be part of a project that, for the first time, makes her art wearable!  

She believes that women are, like flowers, created to be equally unique and beautiful in their own way!